Flourishing Faith - 4

in Faith/Trust

You have to trust the way God does things. Here's the Bible Minute.

If you want your faith to flourish, you have to trust God's program. When John the Baptist was put into prison, his disciples came to him concerned about whether Jesus was the Messiah. John asked Jesus, "Are you He, or should we look for another?" And Jesus' response went something like this, "Blessed are those who are not ashamed of the way I conduct my business." You can read that in Luke 7:19, 23.

Do you want your faith to flourish today? Have faith in the Word of God. Have faith in the program of God. Have faith in the power of God. Have faith in the promises of God. In other words, the more intimate you become with God, the more your faith grows. The more time you spend in your Bible, the stronger your faith gets.

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