Your personalized path closer to God

Every one of us has been at a place in our lives where we feel like we've stopped moving forward. We're ready to take the next step, but we don't know how.

Meet goTandem--the app designed with you in mind.

With great intuition and interactive capacity, it's tailored just for you. Simply take the Spiritual Growth Assessment, and goTandem discovers where you are--and where you want to go--when it comes to moving forward in your relationship with God.

Sending you biblical content customized to your unique needs and goals, and messaged at the times you want throughout your day, it's goTandem. And it's ready to go when you are.

Create your own experience

  • Personalized messaging: Your message feed is always 100% custom-fit to exactly where you are--based on your needs and goals. Take and re-take the in-app assessment to keep your messages relevant to your path forward.

  • Spiritual GPS: If life throws you a curve, use the GPS button to adjust your messages on-the-fly to reflect your current needs.

  • Flexible scheduling: Set up to 12 daily reminders, and get a notification reminding you to open the app and engage Scripture.

Experience goTandem

How it works